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Music Video: Breath and Sound – Tom Goss feat. Matt Alber

New music video from Tom Goss: No matter the dancers, the dance is always the same. Love is love.

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FOF #1902 – Matt Alber’s Velvet Goldmine

Matt Alber’s music career exploded in 2009 after the video for his song “End of the World.” Since then, he’s gone the independent route, touring the country as a solo artist.

Today Grammy Award winner Matt Alber joins us for a live music podcast, playing music from his latest album Constant Crows. Listen as Matt talks about growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, his unique singing style and falling in love.

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Help End DADT

“Who We Are”, a new song by Matt Alber and Tom Goss.  All proceeds benefit SLDN.  Download the song for free here. Share widely and help put an end to DADT.

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FOF #1075 – Matt Alber Hides Nothing

Live music session with Matt Alber playing songs from his new abum “Hide Nothing.” Matt opens up and shares the touching story of how he came out to his parents and what he’s looking for in a man.

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