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FOF #1427 – Adam Carolla’s Anti-LGBT Rant

Interview with Matt Siegel, the openly gay man who worked for Adam Carolla, weighing in on the recent controversy over Carolla’s anti-LGBT rant. The audio clip is part of the show: FOF #1426 – Boost Your Fabulous Energy Levels posted on August 17, 2011.

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FOF #1426 – Boost Your Fabulous Energy Levels

Today- group fitness instructor Brian Heckler joins us to talk about how to get more energy into your life and examine some ways you might be thwarting your vitality.

Also, we talk to Matt Siegel, Adam Carolla’s gay former personal assistant about the recent scandal over Carolla’s anti-LGBT rant.

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FOF #1366 – Awkwardly Hip

NOH8, It Gets Better, Lady Gaga, and even YouTube’s Honey Badger- all started out as small projects that grew into viral phenomena when LGBT folks jumped on the bandwagon. What happens when our favorite outsider things become the monster ballads of popular culture?

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