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FOF #2137 – Crazy Like a Debbie Fox

RuPaul is pissed and people are pissed off at RuPaul!

RuPaul’s is pissed because this season of Drag Race has more leaks than a screen door on a submarine and it looks like the hole isn’t getting plugged up any time soon.

Folks are even more upset because RuPaul keeps sending the wrong queens home, first with Tempest DuJour and now one the most popular girls from this season.

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FOF #1447 – Lady Gaga Woos President Obama

Even the world’s greatest pop-star needs to fork out the cash when it comes to gaining access to the President to talk about bullying.

Join us as we take a look at bullying, teen abuse, concrete steps you can take to help make things better, vanity activism and truly make things better for all young people everywhere.

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FOF #1175 – Tom Goss and Jeremiah Clark Beautiful Love Songs

First he was a wrestler, then he almost became a priest, and now Tom Goss is one of the rising stars in the nation’s gay music scene. He’s touring the country with his musician pal Jeremiah Clark, and they made a quick stop on their way from Nashville all the way to Appleton, Wisconsin just to tape a show with us.

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