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FOF #2789 – Dragula’s Hollow Eve is on the Bleeding Edge

We’ve seen a lot of wild things on Season 3 of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: a cow fetus, ripped out cheek piercings, electroshock torture and furry butts, but contestant Hollow Eve took it so far, even the censors wouldn’t let you see it on TV.

Today, Hollow Eve, our favorite post binary, drag socialist with a penchant for anarchy who revels in the beauty of deviant queer art joins us to take a look at a very intesne Season 3 of Dragula.

FOF #2276A – Carma is Gonna Get You

Today we’re joined by the hilarious Carma Nibarger, who likes to challenge her audience by forcing them to guess whether she is having her period or not, which leaves some folks squirming in their seats while others laugh it off.

Listen as we talk about why you should always ask Carma how far along her pregnancy is, how sleeping your way to the top is harder than you think and who is drugging the woman in the Chicago comedy scene.

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FOF #2276B – Carma is Gonna Get You

In part two of our podcast “Carma is Going to Get You” we continue our conversation with the delightful comedian Carma Nibarger about: Chelsea Handler new show, where she tries to be the Anthony Bourdain of drugs, an herbal cough syrup gets recalled for containing morphine, R Kelly defends Bill Cosby and Carma’s hilarious stories on working as a psychiatric nurse.

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VIDEO: 1970s Television

Is it just me or are sitcoms from the 1970s just the best: Alice, Maud, All in the Family, Jeffersons, Good Times, etc.? Maybe it’s just the way I associate the syndication and reruns, (lol – […]

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Who Wants to Experience Menstruation?

Now thanks to inventor Hiromi Ozaki men can experience menstruation! Ozaki has created a machine that appears to be strapped around your waist and simulates cramping using electrodes and bleeding to mimic the ‘the pain […]

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