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FOF #2106 – Getting Your Muse to Put Out

You may love your job or be passionate about being an artist, but sooner or later you’re going to get creatively constipated.

Today the very funny Meredith Kachel, host of Chicago’s Hoo Ha! comedy showcase joins us to take a look at creativity– how to seduce your inner muse and get her to put out.

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FOF #1689 – Get Out the Vote

If dick will make you slap somebody, then pussy will make you bite their head off.

Republican’s have foolishly taken on women’s health and reproductive rights, and it’s going to kick them in the ass. The very funny Meredtih Kachel joins us to see what’s right around the corner on election night.

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FOF #1682 – How to Make Love to a Hot Naked Man

We all get a little too horny sometimes, and somtimes freeze when we finally get a super hot man naked.

Listen as our powersluttylicoius gal pal Meredith Kachel joins us to talk about all the good and even bad advice magazines give when it comes to having sex with men. Hopefully we’ll learn how to to please a man in ways you never imagined.

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FOF #1669 – When Things Go Horribly Wrong

A big part of being an entertainer is that sooner or later, something horribly wrong will happen onstage in front of an audience. People will be pissed at you for messing up.

The hilarious Meredith Kachel joins us to take a look at some moments in our performance careers where things went horribly wrong, and what we learned in the process.

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FOF #1657 – How to Catch a Man

There are hot men everywhere, but how do you get one to notice you?

Listen as the hilarious Meredith Kachel chats with us on how to get people to notice you and think of you as a slutty sex symbol. Why does it seem your homely friend gets all the action? What is the best way to approach a hot guy?

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