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VIDEO: Lady Gaga’s “You and I”

There’s a lot going on in this video and it’s all fantastic- Lady Gaga as a mermaid, her male alter-ego Joe Calderone makes an appearance, and there’s a hot guy with a tattoos that seems […]

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FOF #1414 – The Mermaid Wars Rage On

The fishy feud between Katy Perry and Lady Gaga over who wears a mermaid outfit best and who ultimately, is the power music diva of this generation has opened up on a new front: Bette Midler.

Join us as we fill you in on all fishy goodness of the continuing saga of the Mermaid Wars and what Bette Midler doesn’t want you to know about her own mermaid shtick.

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FOF #1412 – Clash of the Mermaids

Whip out your tar-tar sauce! A fishy feud is steaming up between Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Shortly after Gaga teased fans with her new mermaid alter ego Yuyi, Katy Perry posted a photo of herself planking as a mermaid saying “this is how Ariel would do it.”

It’s not the first time the two pop stars have clashed and we are sure it won’t be the last, but who wins this fishy round?

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