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FOFA #1018 – Run, Lady Vera Parker, Run!

Drag queen Lady Vera Parker moved to Chicago with the hopes of making it big as an entertainer. Last week, her dreams were dashed when she was pulled over in U-Haul truck she allegedly stole in Kentucky. When the police pulled up her record they found a laundry list of check fraud and deception warrants.

What happened? On today’s show we’re talking to Chicago drag queen Teri Yaki about the scandal.

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Can’t wait for this!

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Transforming From Babe to Michael Jackson

Lady uses a little makeup and four pieces of scotch tape to look exactly like Michael Jackson.

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Cute Guy Doing a Great Michael Jackson Medley

Found this on youtube

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Pomplamoose Covers ”Beat It”

Youtube sensation Pomplamoose covers Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”

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FOF #1044 – Teri Yaki’s Tangy Taste

Chicago drag queen Teri Yaki returns to follow up on the Lady Vera Parker story, the unhappy birthday party and shares her own experience of being behind bars.

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FOF #1019 – Out of the Internet and Into The Streets

Activist Nik Maciejewski from the Chicago chapter of Join the Impact talks about the upcoming National Equality March in Washington D.C. and reflects on Michael Jackson’s memorial service. Listen as we touch on the more moving and unusual highlights from the historic event, including how it temporarily brought down Twitter.

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FOF #1018 – Run, Lady Vera Parker, Run!

Teri Yaki explains to the best of his knowledge the sordid details of Lady Vera Parker the Chicago drag queen who was arrested for check fraud and stealing a U-Haul truck from Kentucky. Why is Michael Jackson’s death hitting the public especially hard and Sarah Palin’s abrupt resignation leaves the country befuddled.

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Siedah Garrett and The Agape International Choir’s Tribute to Michael Jackson

Soul diva Siedah Garrett sings the song she wrote for Michael Jackson “Man in the Mirror” with L.A.’s Agape International Choir

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FOF #1017 – Sabrina Matthews’ Underwater Adventure

Comedian Sabrina Matthews shares her story of being attacked by a barracuda off the coast of Myanmar, her unusual treatment at a foreign hospital, and how the US government almost left her to languish in Thai prison.

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