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Feast of Fun Featured on Zune Podcast Directory Next to Ellen

Just in time for Ellen DeGeneres’ debut on American Idol, Feast of Fun podcast was featured this week next to her podcast! As independent talk show hosts working out of humble studios in Chicago, you […]

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Burger King Japan’s Special Windows 7 Whopper

Because a million dollar TV ad featuring Bill Gates and comedian Jerry Seinfeld shopping for shoes wasn’t weird enough. The folks up at Microsoft decided to team up with all the Burger King restaurants in […]

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FOF #1098 – Is It Too Late to Say “Yes We Can?”

Jim Bennet of GayCo, the gay sketch comedy troupe that sprouted from Second City is back with “The Audacity of Nope.” The skits touch on the feelings of many who worked in earnest to get Obama elected who now feel like they’ve been duped.

Plus: Microsoft’s awkward attempt at a viral video, Sarah Palin Glenn Beck as a possible future running mate and our Holiday T-Shirt Contest!

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Microsoft’s Lame Attempt at Making a Viral Video Captures Shoplifter Stealing

This is how not to build buzz for your company. But did a video of Microsoft store employee’s impromptu awkward dance in the middle of their new stores accidentally captured someone shoplifting. Hilarious! Check her […]

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