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FOF #1492 – Like Mah Interview with Miles Jai

Miles Jai had had it “up to here” with people asking him to “like my status” on Facebook, so he made a video to poke fun at it all, and it went viral.

Listen as Miles talks about handling his new celebrity and getting suspended from school for giving a guy in his drama club a Valentines Day Card.

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VIDEO: Like Mah Status

We’ve got an interview coming tomorrow with Miles Jai who hit YouTube celebrity status with his rant “Like Mah Status” about people who beg for you to “like my status.”

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VIDEO: Like Mah Status – Miles Jai Schools You on How to Use Facebook

Some folks do not get it, and have no clue how to use social media. Thankfully there are video bloggers like Miles Jai to school us on why begging your friends to like your status […]

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