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FOF #1517 – Long, Thick and Uncut

Like Samson in the Old Testament, comedian Bill Cruz grew out his hair in order to gain new powers. In Bill’s case, he wanted to come off to audiences as an outrageous bohemian rather than the safe sporty look he used to have. Now his long hair is driving him crazy so what’s he gonna do?

Today Bill Cruz joins us to talk about the hype over Tim Tebow, Madonna leaks her Superbowl Halftime Show set list, and his really long, thick, uncut hair.

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VIDEO: Miss Piggy Reads and Bashes Miss Poogy

Miss Piggy was originally conceived to have the personality of a gruff truck driver in the body of a female pig. So in a way, both of these pig puppets are trans. Do you think […]

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FOF #1488 – Is Lady Gaga Listening To Me?

There’s a lot of fabulous things to be grateful for over Thanksgiving weekend- from the new Muppets film to Lady Gaga’s special “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving” which matches closely a lot of the things we asked Gaga to do on the podcast this summer. Is Lady Gaga a listener or just well connected?

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FOF #1480 – I Love Looking at Henry Cavill’s Muscular Naked Body

Big surprise! Americans love looking at hot, muscular men on the silver screen. After seeing The Immortals, I wonder, will Hollywood become America’s biggest adult film maker in the near future?

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VIDEO: Miss Piggy Gives It Her All In ”The Entertainer”

Far be it for Miss Piggy to just sing.  She’s gotta go ALL OUT with a full-fledged burlesque routine.  I love this classic Muppet Show skit of Piggy with Rowlf, not just performing, but performing […]

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VIDEO: 1979 Camera Test for “The Muppet Movie”

Watch as Kermit, Fozzie the Bear and Miss Piggy play around during a camera test for “The Muppet Movie.”

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The Fantastic Miss Piggy!

It’s no secret that Miss Piggy is someone very, very special. But did you know that she once had her own TV special? Now THAT is SPECIAL! This 1982 special starring the fantastic Miss Piggy, […]

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