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FOF #2822 – Cake Sitting for Peace

Over the past 15 years on Feast of Fun we’ve done some outrageous things which have captured people’s imagination, from refereeing drag queens battling it out to getting folks to sit on cakes as an anti-war and marriage equality statement, we made an impact.

But mainly we just wanted to see butts covered in frosting. Who doesn’t?

Today we’re taking a look at some magical, viral moments on Feast of Fun!

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FOF #2567 – New Year, New Weave

Hair changes as you age, and that’s ok. But what’s not ok is getting too many stresses over your tresses, or lack thereof.

Today our fabulous gal pal, comedian Carma Nibarger, is coming out in her brand new weave with a brand new attitude. Join us as we chat about the various ways people modify their hair, from extensions, wigs and toupees, to washing the gray away and dusting your hair with hair powder.

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VIDEO: Mo’nique Stands Up for Marriage Equality

Comedian Mo’nique comes out in support of mariage Equality for a new campaign Americans for Marriage Equality.

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FOF #1410 – Behind Every Diva There’s a Fabulous Queen

One of the more remarkable moments in Mo’Nique’s comedy act these days is the part where she not even onstage. Female Impersonator Ivy White is opening for Mo’Nique by lip syncing ten minutes of the Diva’s tried and true material with flawless precision leaving audiences to wonder – is that the real Mo’Nique?

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FOF #1409 – We Love Mo’Nique

Join us as we talk to the very funny queen of sass, Mo’Nique, about her amazing journey from stand up comedian to Oscar winning actress and what’s happened to her since she won the award.

Mo’Nique answers all your hard questions- about Oprah, Barbara Walters, Richard Pryor, and why Holllywood struggles with diversity.

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Ask Mo’Nique Anything

Talking to the fabulous Mo’Nique– fresh from her remarkable performance at Pridefest Milwaukee. Mo’Nique is probably one of the most fabulous, sassiest women ever to win an Academy Award for her intense role in the […]

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FOF #1396 – Lez Get Real

The lavender curtain has been lifted on two very popular blogs for the ladies who love the labia revealing that they are actually written by men.

Blogger Tom MacMaster came forward as the man behind the blog Gay Girl in Damascus after he faked the kidnapping of his online persona, Amina Arraf, a young muslim girl living in Syria. And the supposedly deaf lesbian editor of the blog Lez Get Real actually turned out to be Bill Graber, a straight man living in Ohio. Why do straight men want to be lesbians online?

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VIDEO: Mo’Nique to LGBT Folks: Thank You for Accepting Me

It’s always so much fun to watch Mo’Nique perform. Watch as she presents the visibilty award to Precious Director Lee Daniels for the 14th Annual Human Rights Campaign National Dinner. Here we get to see […]

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Curtis’ View From the Back Row: Precious Based on the Novel ”Push” by Sapphire

The power of Oprah compels you.  Resistance is definitely futile. Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire is, in case you have been living under a rock, the Oprah certified, Tyler Perry approved (and […]

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