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FOF #2030 – Tom Goss on Staying Motivated as An Artist

The most important thing in life is the relationships we create with others. One of the best ways to bring people into your life is to make awesome stuff and share it. But it’s not always easy being a creative spirit in a challenging world.

Today Tom Goss joins us for a live music session and to talk about how to stay artistically motivated.

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Chris Tina Foxx Bruce Vlog FAQ #1

My name is Chris Tina Foxx Bruce a male to female transgender body builder from Dallas, Texas running for US Senator. December 2010 Vlog; FAQ #1. Discussing sex, gender and sexual orientation. Chris Tina Foxx […]

VIDEO: The Surprising Realities Behind What Motivates Us in Illustrated Form

Explains in drawing and on a huge white board what really motivates people and the difference between manual labor motivation and cognitive motivation… what will ultimately create better companies and reasons to work. Kind of […]

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