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Witness Wildness

This is Ryan with 300 words (or less) to make your Monday a little less taxing. The Feast of Fun has occasionally talked about the Horror genre, but have they ever seen House? Hausu (1977) […]

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L.A.R.P. Live Avatar Role Playing

Apparently the Na’Vi now live in Wisconsin, not on the planet of Pandora. Although I think this mockumentary seems a bit of a put on, part of me thinks they are really into it. Watch […]

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Dr. Maxwell Anderson, from the film ’Southern Comfort,’ has died

Dr. Maxwell Anderson, one of the individuals featured in the award winning documentary ‘Southern Comfort’ passed away this afternoon. He was 53. Dr. Anderson was a compassionate therapist serving a diverse community. His work touched […]

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They Say It as Though It’s a Bad Thing

It’s the same word spoken over and over again with subtitles describing who belongs to the “category.” I wish the word wasn’t considered a bad word but rather a compliment because really, who doesn’t love […]

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Why Cristal Connors is Goddess (Because She Loves the Feast of Fun)

We’re just nuts over Cristal Connors on Facebook. Someone created a profile based on the bisexual villain from the 1995 camp film “Showgirls” and does she get a lot of play on the social networking […]

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FOF #976 – Flexing Your Gay Movie Muscle

Summer’s just around the corner, and this year’s movies promise to be the gayest, hottest and most fabulous yet. Today, writer and film critic Gregg Shapiro joins us to talk about Queer Cinema 101, a […]

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FOF #946 – Gigi’s New Bouncy Clothes

Boing boing! Gigi Deluxe, Chicago’s glamor-puss is here to talk about her new collaboration with House of Bias, a fashion forward clothing line specializing in clothes made out of rubber latex. Think it’s too kinky […]

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