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Scott Herman’s Dorky but Adorable Rapping Video for Marriage Equality

What do you think about Scott Herman’s cute but awkward attempts to rap in support for marriage equality? Is that Ryan Conklin from Real World in the background?

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FOF #1137 – Scott Herman Wants You to Work Out

Here’s a challenge: be a 10 in 2010! Today the handsome Scott Herman from MTV’s Real World Brooklyn shares his secrets on getting into shape.

Scott’s leveraged his appearance on Real World into a popular website and video blog where he shows how to work out and eat right, and he does it without his shirt off! Plus: behind the scenes in Real World, the power of water and why Captain America is for marriage equality.

FOF #866 – Hope Your Day is Good Dan

Writer, model, reality TV star and editor, Dan Renzi joins us for today’s show. In the mid 90s, Dan was plucked from forty thousand hopefuls and cast in the fifth season of MTV’s Real World: […]

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