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FOF #1596 – Murder She Wrote

Luka Rocco Magnotta, the killer who chopped up his boyfriend for a little publicity has been caught, ending a sensational international manhunt.

Are we cultivating unhealthy relationships by sharing ourselves on social media, or are people just uptight about the new generation’s way of expressing themselves and understanding others?

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FOF #1595 – Attack of the 50 Foot Rainbow Flag

Today the fabulous Kyle Greer joins us to give LGBT Pride Parades a musical titty twister plus a new song “Shit Guys Say on Grindr.”

What should Pride Parades be about today? Do fancy drag queens, hot leather daddies, and fierce dykes on bikes make us all look way more interesting than we really are.

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PHOTO: Tracy Tyler is going to kill you

Imagine coming home late at night and your wife serves you a steel blade instead of a strong martini.

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Portuguese Male Model Suspected in the Murder of His Journalist Lover

Carlos de Castro, a high profile gay activist and journalist from Portugal was found castrated and murdered in a NYC hotel room. His companion, Renato Seabra, a 21 year old Portuguese reality star who is pursuing a modeling career is the chief suspect.

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VIDEO: The A.V. Club Lists 25 Fun Songs About Death

The A.V. Club lists 25 fun songs about death, murder and the apocalypse. Number 1 is Kinky Friedman’s “The Ballad Of Charles Whitman” about the guy who shot 44 people from the clock tower at […]

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Gay Porn Actor Arrested for Murder

Jason Andrews, known to many in Chicago as DJ Veritas or as Addison on the popular gay porn site, Sean Cody, was arrested in the murder of Dennis ‘Scooter’ Abrahamsen, 41, in New Port Richie […]

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“Not Guilty” Verdict for Three Gays in Bizzare Murder Conspiracy

It wasn’t a murder trial, but a trial to see if the straight victim’s three housemates, who lived in a three-way relationship, had conspired to hide evidence of the murder. Strange right? Just wait, it […]

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The Search for Kevin Clewer’s Killer

Six years after the death of Kevin Clewer, the family still seeks his killer.

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Murder

Have you ever hitchhiked? I’ve hitched a couple of times and while it wasn’t this weird, it was pretty weird.

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News Anchors Laughs While Describing Murder, Dismemberment and Manhunt

This poor news anchor can’t stop laughing while describing a grizzly murder and dismemberment. I’m guessing she saw his mug shot and couldn’t keep together.

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