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FOF #1581 – Little Guy, Big Gym

Gyms can be a little intimidating to someone who’s never stepped inside one before. With all sorts of bodies and weights going a million different directions all at once, you may feel a bit like frogger trying to cross the road without getting run over or eaten by crocodiles.

The very funny Jeffrey Jay to talk about the awkwardness people face when joining a gym, ways to overcome obstacles, and how to get off the couch to be in the best shape of your life.

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FOF #1567 – Common Mistakes You May Be Making at the Gym

It’s not like our bodies come with instruction manuals on how to work out to look our best and feel fabulous. And if they did, you’d probably woudn’t read it anyway.

Today we take a look at some common mistakes we’ve made at the gym and how we fixed them so you can learn from our experience.

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FOF #1503 – Odd Fitness Trends

Fitness is a journey not a destination. Unfortunately for some people, the journey is a game of Candy Land where Queen Frostine rules with a sweet iron fist.

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VIDEO: Bicep Blaster Workout 1

Do you have stubborn biceps?  Sometimes all it takes is a MASSIVE shock to get them on track again!  This routine is very intense so do not take the 2-4 set range lightly!  Work at […]

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VIEO: 6 Ways to Work Your Forearms!

If you are trying to increase the strength of your GRIP, then you need to hit those forearms! This routine consists of 7 exercises, but all I want you to do is pick 3! Add […]

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VIDEO: Homeland Muscularity- ”Be a 10 in 2010” With My Military Style Workout!

To protect our Nation you must be a lean & mean fighting machine! This routine will test your strength and agility to the MAX. There may not be a gym at every army base, but you can […]

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PHOTOS: Chris Hemsworth Remarkble Muscular Transformation

Chris Hemsworth has made a remarkable transformation to beef up his already awesome body to a muscle giant of comic book hero proportions. The hunky actor turned muscle god was interviewed by BuzzSugar about his […]

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VIDEO: Scott Herman’s Operation EVOLVE: Cutting Edge- Volume 1 ”Chest & Shoulders”

WARNING! This workout may cause extreme muscle growth and an increase in strength. If you are currently enjoying the state of your weak and feeble chest and shoulders, do not attempt this workout!

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Athletic Bodies of All Sizes, Shapes and Colours

Images taken from a photoshoot of various Olympic athletes that demonstrate how fitness can take many forms.  Illuminating, and there’s potential eye candy no matter what your tastes. I personally love the inclusion of model/sprinter […]

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PHOTOS: Mr. Moog’s Sexy Friend Joe

Amazing photo collection of British photographer Mr. Moog’s sexy bear-ish friend Joe.

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