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FOF #2936 – Mystique Summers Keeps it Hot on a Chilly Mardi Gras

It’s Fat Tuesday! The streets of New Orleans are empty, but we are celebrating from home with our good gal pal Mystique Summers, from Season 2 of RuPauls’ Drag Race.

Last week, Mystique’s and her drag sister Nina Bonina Brown got into a deep conversation about trans bodies, the art of drag, and Nina’s comments on Gotmik’s scantily clad runway look on Drag Race.

Today Mystique Summers joins us to take a look at the heated conversation taking place about trans drag queens, Gotmik’s showing off that body ody ody and how Texas is freezing.

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FOF #2196 – Bitch! I Am From Chicago and I’m Losing Weight

Mystique Summers is best known for her hilariously heated exchange on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 where she yelled at one of the contestants “I will whoop yo fucking ass! Bitch I’m from Chicago.”

Today Mystique joins us to talk about her remarkable weight loss, and living a healthy lifestyle as a drag queen when you’re doing 200 shows a year.

FOF #1763 – I’m From Chicago and I Will Whoop Your Ass

Nobody has gotten more mileage out of their one moment in the spotlight on RuPaul’s Drag Race than Mystique Summers, who became a folk hero during a fight by screaming “I’m From Chicago and I Will Whoop Your Ass!”

Listen as Mystique Summers whoops our asses on this podcast as she reads those queens that paint orange and fills us in on her whole fight with Morgan McMichaels.

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