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FOF #1210 – Lady Gaga Backlash

Is this the beginning of the end for the Costumed One? After a diva temper tantrum at a Yankees game, Lady Gaga was moved into comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s box to keep her from being chased by the papa-paparazzi.

Today we take a look at the inevitable blow-back that comes when an artist skyrockets to fame and success. Is there a backlash growing against Lady Gaga or is this just a few moments of celebrity bitchiness?

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FOF #1029 – Relationship Status

Writer Byron Flitsch talks about relationships from the perspective of a gay man living in Chicago. The good, the bad, the ones that last and the ones that make a lasting impression. Also, another Chicago drag queen goes to jail for beating up a contest judge with a trophy she didn’t win.

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