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FOF #2529 – Is This Goodbye?

Chicago has long been the place people come to make something of themselves before moving elsewhere- students, immigrants, and artists all come to the Windy City to work on their craft and when they are ready, they move on, just like Oprah.

Joining us today is comedian Eric Clements to talk about the uproar a “Chicago breakup letter” is causing and why folks are eagerly rushing to defend the city.

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FOF #2460 – Mixing Fruit Loops and Milk

Jordan Peele’s new satirical comedy horror film Get Out is so good that we had to do another another podcast about it!

The other day, we spoke to Zach Stafford, a black guy who finds himself in awkward situations with some of his white family, and today we’re joined by Meg Grunewald, a white gal who enjoys diversity in her romantic life, and whose parents are into hypnosis and brain surgery.

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VIDEO: We’re NASA and We Know It

Funny little parody of “I’m Sexy and I Know It” to celebrate the Mars Rover landing.

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RIP: Sally Ride, USA’s First Female Astronaut

Doctor Sally Ride passed away peacefully today at the age of 61. What’s more, her obituary lists her as being survived by “her partner of 27 years”, Tam O’Shaughnessy, a long-time associate who as recently […]

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FOF #1298 – Hard Candy Christmas

Step right up! Hard Candy Fitness is open for business. After some delay, Madonna’s new gym franchise opened their doors in Mexico City to women, gay men and cholos everywhere who want to “Get Into the Groove” during their workout.

Today Chicago diva powerhouse Amy Armstrong and her pianist extraordinaire Freddy Allen join us to weigh in on Madonna’s new venture and to play some of their favorite holiday classics. Plus, they give us a fresh Christmas twist to their signature piece “The Pussy Cat Song.”

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FOF #1270 – Being Lady Gaga

We’re thrilled to announce that Chicago comedian Kristen Studard, winner of the “Impress these Apes” comedy competition will portray Lady Gaga in all her zombified glory for the Haunted Halsted Pub Crawl.

Today Kristen joins us to talk about being tortured as a teen while working in a suburban haunted house and of course getting ready for the role of a lifetime, playing Lady Gaga.

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FOF #1204 – The Russian Gay Bear Goes Grrr

Money is no object when it comes to stopping gay rights in Russia. Even though the Russian constitution guarantees the right to assembly, Moscow’s mayor has spent a lot of resources trying to stop the city’s annual Gay Pride Parade.

How did the Russian gays outwit the mayor? By setting up a smart mob! Listen to today’s show as activist Andy Thayer reveals the fascinating details on how they did it.

Send Your Avatar to the Moon!

“NASA can put humanoids on the Moon in just 1000 days. They would be controlled by scientists on Earth using motion capture suits, giving them the feeling of being on the lunar surface. Back in […]

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Fake Mars Mission, Real Drama

I’m not sure if this is scientific research or just a new twisted reality TV series. A private group known as The Mars Society has created a real-life simulation of what it would be like […]

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There Be Water on the Moon Captain!

NASA’s experiment to find water on the moon has turned out to be a “smashing” success! Sorry I couldn’t help myself. The space agency aimed a rocket to the moon’s south pole, hoping to pick […]

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