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Parklets – A Tiny But Fabulous Chunk of Nature

Everybody loves parks, but not every neighborhood has enough of them. Here’s a new Kickstarter project I think is going to catch on, say hello to parklets, tiny but fabulous chunks of nature, quickly installed […]

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Jewelry Inspired (and Designed) by Nature

One week til Glitter Day! Here’s a story full of sparkle to start the countdown. The larva of the caddis fly (or casemaker fly) is known for constructing dense sheath-like cocoons from whatever materials it […]

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Gynandromorphic Butterfly Hatched at London Museum

Ignoring the cheek of the article title: a rare half-male half-female butterfly has hatched at a natural history museum in London, England.  Its sexually dimorphic traits are split down the centerline of its body, much […]

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VIDEO: Road Gets Washed Away in Flood

This is some amazing footage of a road being washed away by a flood. I love at the end that you hear a guy calmly say “I have to go” as the flood rages.

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UnFuck the Gulf!

I love it when 5 year olds say “fuck.”  It’s so cute. UNFUCK THE GULF!

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VIDEO: Where Baby Bunnies Come From

Mama? Where do baby bunnies come from?

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VIDEO: Tornado Forms in Front of Couple in a Car

Amazing video of a tornado forming in front of a couple sitting in a car.

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