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Nazi Themed Gay Pulp Fiction

After today’s show I thought I’d share a piece of gay pulp fiction  focusing on the Third Reich where it was very taboo to be gay, obviously.  This is a pulp fiction novel that is […]

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The Daily Show Investigates the ‘Gay Reich’

That’s right, according to Defend the Family President Scott Lively, the Nazi’s and Hitler were gay.  Last night, Jason Jones of the The Daily Shows dug deeper in an investigative report on Lively’s theory that […]

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VIDEO: Grammar Nazis Hate Dangling Particples

This is a parody of Inglorious Basterds where a Nazi is just as interested in proper grammar as he is in hunting down Shosanna Dreyfus. See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

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Paris Kiss-In and Violent Attack

I translated this from this article that appeared on Yagg. All went well- almost.  Dozens of people gathered Sunday February 14 at14:00, near the fountain Saint-Michel, with about thirty couples kissing at the Kiss-In against […]

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