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FOF #1725 – Remembering Aretha Franklin’s Magical Hat

The first time President Obama was inaugurated, the Aretha Franklin’s hat captured the heart of the Internet. This time around, President Obama stole the show with his inauguration speech by directly mentioning gay rights. Today we take a look at what Obama’s remarkable speech means, and the incredible story of Aretha Franklin’s sparkling gray felt hat.

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FOF #1357 – Tranny 3000 BC

Move over Raquel Welch! There’s a new pre-historic diva making headlines across the world and she’s 997,000 years younger than you. Archaeologists have discovered a 5,000-year-old skeleton which they believe is the remains of a transgender person.

Found in the suburbs of Prague, the male skeleton was found buried in the same manner as women who were laid to rest at that time.

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Tranny Neanderthals

Did Neanderthals wear make up? Archeologists have uncovered pigments that suggest Neanderthals wore make up. If they were wearing make up, you know there must have been drag queen or tranny Neanderthals. I wonder if […]

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