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FOF #2190 – 5000 Naked Against Equality

We just got back from our secret trip to New York but we really can’t tell you why we were there. Lets just say we had fun, but in other ways it was a real DRAG since we had to RACE all around the city.

One thing that’s great about New York City is the folks are very chatty and waste no time letting you know exactly how they feel.

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FOF #1916 – How to Succeed in Drag Without Really Tucking

Despite never having won any pageants and never being on any reality TV shows, Bob the Drag Queen is one of New York City’s hottest acts.

Today Bob the Drag Queen spills the tea on how to become a fierce drag queen and how take over your city’s nightclub scene even if it means stealing another girl’s gigs.

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Empire State Building by Michael Key

New York wedding bells will ring ahead of schedule!

New York political leaders are very eager to get one huge state going on gay marriage quicker; they’re opening offices on a Sunday to do it.

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VIDEO: Busy NYC Intersection

Very cool video. While filmed in New York City this is pretty much the same as what I see in front of my office building in the Chicago Loop . . .   Except they […]

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Reclusive Millionairess Dies Aged 104

Hughette Clark, whose father made a fortune in the 19th century copper trade, has died aged 104 in New York City. The last known photograph of her was taken eight decades ago and for the […]

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VIDEO: Steve Duncan Explores Abandoned NYC Subways in ‘Undercity’

In his new documentary, Steve Duncan goes where few have seen, all without permission. You hear stories all the time of people going into the abandoned tunnels and stations of a metropolitabway system. Duncan even […]

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PHOTO: Lady Gaga Buying a Hot Dog

Nobody seems to care about Lady Gaga flipping the bird at a hot dog stand, they are more titillated by the photo bomb man boob. — Via TwitPic

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Phil Putnam – I’m No Prize

Musician Phil Putnam sings his song “I’m No Prize.” Camera & editing: Fausto Fernós. For a high-quality version of the video, subscribe with : RSS | iTunes | YouTube |

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FOF #284 – Swim or Swallow

Fish tits, the memorable NYC drag queen Aquadesia, also known as best-selling author Josh Killmer-Purcell joins us in the house today for an irreverent debate with PETA activist Mike Brazell about vegetarianism, using animals in […]

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FOF #238 – The Truth in Drag

Josh Kilmer-Purcell led a double life in New York City in the 1990’s. During the day he worked as an art director for a major advertising agency. At night, he wore a pair of acrylic […]

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