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The Gay Guide to Rugby World Cup 2011

Stadiums across New Zealand will be packed for the next six weeks with people gathering from around the world to watch buff guys in tight shorts running around tackling each other. And surprisingly, most spectators […]

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New Zealand Pub Serves Shots of Apple-Flavoured Horse Semen

The Green Man Pub in central Wellington has upped the ante for all other contenders in a local brewery’s “Beer & Wild Food Challenge” by offering shots of apple-infused stallion juice. The shots have proved […]

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VIDEO: Lost Penguin Receiving Top-Notch Medical Care

Earlier last week, a young emperor penguin was found wandering a beach on the Kapiti coast of New Zealand. This is only the second time this species has been seen this far north (the first […]

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FOF #1398 – Inside the Olympic Village with Gay Skater Blake Skjellerup

Although nothing can compare to the thrill of going for the gold at the Winter Olympics, for speed skater Blake Skjellerup fighting for equality in his native New Zealand really gets him going. Listen as we talk with Blake about his intense training, getting on the box of Fruity Cheerios, who has the best ass in sports, and being the only gay in the Olympic Village.

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”Queer the Night” Rally in New Zealand’s Capital

Around 400 people turned out last night to march through downtown Wellington in response to recent attacks and harassment of gay and trans members of the community. Brendan Goudswaard, also known as Ellie Kat (Miss […]

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Out Takes 2011: A Reel Queer Film Festival

This is FOF’s Middle Earth correspondent with the latest from New Zealand’s capital city: As the rest of the civilized world strips down to its skivvies and prepares to enjoy Pride in the hot summer […]

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VIDEO: From Double Amputee to Siren of the Sea

New Zealander Nadya Vessey contacted Weta Workshop (the imagineers behind epic films like Lord of the Rings and District 9) to design her a beautiful and functional prosthetic mermaid tail to swim with. The result […]

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VIDEO: Pink Shirt Day 2011 – April 14

On Thursday April 14th, New Zealanders are being encouraged to wear pink to show they are against bullying in all forms. Inspired by a boy who was bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school, […]

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The Answer to All Life’s Troubles: Protein Shake Ice Cream

Waikato University student and aspiring rugby player Sean Nixon may prove to be the saviour of mankind if he succeeds in his dream of creating a dessert that blends the goodness of a protein shake […]

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IMAGES: Hunks of the Outgames

The 2nd Asia-Pacific Outgames are halfway over, and everyone’s living it up here in Wellington, competing and partying and taking in shows and exhibitions. Here are some athletes unwinding after a hard day of sport […]

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