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FOF #2297 – Rubbing One Out at Work

Chances are you’re probably listening to this podcast at work— so here’s a little trick to keeping your spirits up on the job, if god forbid, your boss won’t let you access the show: instead of taking a coffee or smoke break, try going to the bathroom, and rubbing one out.

Our guest today is writer Nico Lang, who in his latest piece in Ravishly talks about how folks at work are turning to masturbation as a way to relieve work stress.

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FOF #1899 – My Racist Grandma

With the holidays just around the corner, a lot of folks are not looking forward to dealing with those bigoted relatives that make the whole family miserable.

Today blogger Nico Lang joins us to talk about his grandma, who is fine with him being gays as long as he doesn’t bring a black guy home. How do you handle the racist grandma in your life?

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FOF #1869 – A Spicy Meatball

Guido Barilla , Pasta Barilla’s CEO must have been hitting the sauce when he got himself into boiling water when he said on an Italian radio show that his company “likes the traditional family” and you’re not going to see any gays in Barilla’s advertising. And if gays don’t like it, “they can always go eat someone else’s pasta.”

Joining us today is blogger Nico Lang to talk about the great pasta boycott spinning around on your fork and how to make a boycott really count.

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FOF #1834 – The Russian Vodka War

In response to the Russian government’s horrific crackdown on it’s LGBT people, activists are asking bars across the world to boycott Russian made vodka.

Joining us is blogger Nico Lang who has plenty to say about the impending Russian Vodka War, the whole vodka marketing racket and all the sizzling hot news–

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