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FOF #1901 – Your Body is an All You Can Eat Buffet

When you look closely at the advice some sex columnists dish out, you’re left wondering: “have they ever had sex?” There’s a lot of one-size fits all solutions out there, when let’s face it, not everything fits in you-know-where.

Today we take a look at advice sex columnists like to give out, the good stuff and the bad stuff that could land you in the hospital or turn your groin into a combination platter of circus, roller coaster and all you can eat buffet.

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VIDEO: Dan Savage vs. Brian Brown: The Dinner Table Debate

Watch as the Dan Savage and Brian Brown sit down for their Dinner Table Debate about Christianity and LGBT folks.

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FOF #1611 – In Bed with the Enemy

Writer and philosopher John Corvino joins us to talk about how Marriage Equality has changed over the years, what’s holding back half the country from embracing equality and what it’s like to write a book with anti-equality advocate Maggie Gallagher!

FOF #1551 – Ch Ch Ch Changes

Change doesn’t come easy, like those awful 1980s movies fashion montages would have you think, it comes by focusing on what works, drawing our attention to it and acknowledging people’s discomfort when things do change.

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FOF #1544 – Bring on the Snark, Bring on the Sass

For a while snark was the way of the net. But now, with our heighted awareness of bullying, something has shifted. Everyone is trying to be the new queen of nice. Watch out Rosie!

Today snarky writer Daniel Villareal, joins us to take a look at the virtues snarkiness and the rapidly changing face of LGBT media.

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Orson Scott Card Joins NOM, Pens Anti-Gay Rewrite of Hamlet

Oh, dear. The noted author of Ender’s Game has come out in recent years as extremely opposed to marriage equality and queer folks in general (for religious reasons, of course, with a heaping side helping […]

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GOP Candidates Pledge To ”Investigate Gays” if Elected

NOM, the National Organization for Marriage – – not the sound Maggie G. makes when she’s munching down double-fisted on fried butter sticks in Iowa, has produced another FREAKIN’ GOP Pledge.  In NOM’s pledge, signatories […]

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FOF #1383 – Jumping the Broom

Someone’s getting married! Don’t get too excited, it’s not me.

Today our friend blogger Michael Lehet is finally tying the knot to his longtime boyfriend Darryl, in a wedding we think is going to rival any Tyler Perry movie.

Join us as we talk about tying the knot with your boo and much more.

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Three Cheers for NOM, Westboro Baptist Church, & Ann Coulter!

In the true spirit of the controversial “Phags for Phelps” movement, State Senator James Brochin (D-Baltimore County) Has  changed his stance on the issue of  marriage equality in his state.  Where did this change of […]

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NOM Gets Pranked

This image above was created by Zach Weiner as a comment on how technology is changing the way we live but NOM took it to signify what they see as the slippery slope of gay […]

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