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FOF #1761 – The Rich Cultural Legacy of Madonna

Madonna is a gift that keeps on giving. You could talk about her endlessly and it never gets old. From her awkward sex book photos, to her passion for Kabbalah, to her hatred of hydrangeas, examining Madonna’s many quirks has practically become a full time job for comedian Nadya Ginsburg.

Listen today as we chat with Nadya Ginsburg about her new web series Madonnalouges, where she hilariously examines everything about Madonna as Madonna.

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FOF #1752 – Why I Became a Drag Queen

Underneath all that makeup, most drag queens are gay men who adore wearing fabulous, outrageous costumes. Even with all the love they seem to be getting these days, it’s still very hard being a creature of the night.

Listen as we talk with Jezzy about finding your niche as a nightclub performer, why it takes a village to be a fierce queen and how to successfully stalk Lady Gaga.