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FOF #2047 – Sex on Wheels

It’s not always easy getting the sex you want, whether you’re in a wheelchair or not.

For writer Andrew Morrison Gurza, it’s important that people recognize that disabled folks are sexual beings too. Now, as a gay man, it’s not always easy for Andrew to get his groove on, but he has game and does just fine.

Listen as Andrew talks about queer crip liberation, the very sexy Alex Minsky and why you should totally go out on a date with that cute guy in a wheelchair.

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FOF #1873 – Being Fat Saved My Life

In the past 30 years, obesity rates have skyrocketed in this country, with two-thirds of adults and one-third of children now being overweight. But it’s not all bad news– despite the health risks, a few people actually avoided serious harm because of their obesity.

Today Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at people whose lives were miraculously saved because they were fat.

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FOF #1727 – Game of Thrones

Every year, Bill Cruz puts together a meaty list of Chicago comedians he’d like to get freaky with.

This year many of Chicago’s hunks and skunks of comedy are in an uproar, because many of them felt left out even though they texted him photo of their junk.

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FOF #1622 – Bon Voyage Cameron Esposito

One of our all time popular guests is comedian Cameron Esposito, whom we affectionately call “American’s Lesbian Sweetheart.”

Today Cameron Esposito joins us to look back on her appearances on this podcast before she heads off to live in LA. Listen to find out how her beautiful brand of personalized comedy has influenced many people here in town.

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FOF #1604 – Susan Powter Fights to Stop the Insanity

After all these years, Susan Powter is still working to help people eat well and get into shape. She’s taking on the corporations that shove junk foods down our throats and coming out against the fat acceptance movement.

Remember Susan’s catch phrase “Stop the Insanity”? Well the insanity never stopped.

Susan Powter Tears Apart Fat Acceptance

Wow. Susan Powter is still very intense after all these years. Remember her “stop the insanity” fitness infomercials from the late 80s? Susan is back video blogging, and she’s taking no prisoners. Watch as she […]

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Fat Suit Barbie

Shocking and hilarious, someone made a “fat suit” you can slip on top of your Barbie doll and pretend she’s morbidly obese. Sadly, it’s not for sale anywhere. — From Peggy Wang on Buzzfeed

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