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Farewell Victoria Lamarr – RIP

Sad news folks- our dear friend Victoria Lamarr, born Matthew Bogseth passed on to the fabulous celestial plane today. She was a close friend and drag mom & sister to many. She will be remembered forever as one of the earliest video bloggers. RIP V-MARR.

Click here to learn more about this remarkable person’s life.

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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Star Sahara Davenport Died of Heart Failure

She died of a bad heart. An official statement was just released by the family and friends of Antoine Ashley, also known as beloved drag diva Sahara Davenport, in regards to Sahara’s sudden death this […]

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Drag Queen Sahara Davenport Dies, Age 27

It’s always a sad day whenever a talented, young drag queen dies. We just got the sad news that Antoine Ashley, best known for his drag persona Sahara Davenport died on Oct 1st. He’s survived […]

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Drag Queens Weigh in on Amy Winehouse’s Sudden Death

It’s always intersting to hear what some of the more well known drag queens have to say when big, sad, heartbreaking news comes out, like the sudden death of Amy Winehouse at the age of […]

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Jack LaLanne is Now Making Juice in Heaven

So long Jack LaLanne. Fitness guru Jack LaLanne died of respiratory failure following a bout of pneumonia, he was 96. Although many people enjoyed watching his juicing informercials while snacking on french bread pepperoni pizzas […]

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Whatchu Talking ‘Bout, Angels? Gary Coleman Dies at Age 42

Today actor Gary Coleman died at the age of 42 from a brian hemorrhage. He was best known as the smart-mouthed kid Arnold Jackson on the TV sitcom “Diff’rent Storkes.” Here’s a look at some highlights and challenging moments of his life.

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Zelda Rubenstein Goes Into the Light

Zelda Rubinstein, who played psychic in ‘Poltergeist,’ dies today. The 76-year-old star had been hospitalized for more than a month at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after two of her major organs failed. She’s now […]

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FOF #1013 – Stonewall Michael Jackson

What a week! Music icon Michael Jackson dies of heart failure at the age of 50 at around the same time 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. Will Michael Jackson’s death spark a new civil rights movement in the way that Judy Garland’s death did for gay people 40 years ago?

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Comedic Actor and Chef Dom DeLuise Dies at the Age of 75

On the heels of Bea Arthur, America’s lost another comedy legend from TV and film– Dom DeLuise. The portly actor, well known for his appearances as a flamboyant gay director in the Mel Brooks Film […]

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