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FOF #1487 – A Very Gaga Muppet Thanksgiving

Once again, Lady Gaga is serving up a holiday special- “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving” while the highly anticipated new The Muppets films hits theaters. Why wasn’t Gaga in the Muppets and the Muppets not in Gaga?

L.A. puppeteer and performance artist Marsian DeLellis joins us to speculate about what surprises we’ll find Lady Gaga’s Thanksgiving Special and in the new The Muppets film.

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FOF #1486 – Hot Gravy Injection

With Thanksgiving day lurking just around the corner, people are busy getting ready for a hot gravy injection of food, family and friends. But warning! Your turkey dinner could be deadly.

Today we’re warning you about the dangers of Thanksgiving, from frying your turkey in hot oil, to poisoning your guests, to navigating the tricky emotional waters of a family get together.

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IMAGE: Pepper Spray Cop Meme

Some of your favorite Pepper Spray cop Moments!

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FOF #1477 – A Gay Man Occupies Oakland

Today we’re joined by one of our long time listeners, blogger and activist Jesse Smith to talk about how he got involved in Occupy Oakland and San Francisco, police brutality against the crowds and how he got run over by a driver who disagreed with the protesters.

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FOF #1475 – 50 of the Most Incredible Moments of Anything

Today comedian Becky Donohue joins us to talk about how they make commentary clip shows where funny, insightful people share their thoughts on video clips in between commercial breaks.

Plus: Lesbian Haggis, Adult babies and Stinky Sexy Occupy Wall Street hunks.

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PHOTO: Occupy Wall Street Condoms

Ridiculous or the best thing ever?

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