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Ten Minutes of Weird

Ten minutes of weird clips from reality TV, children’s programming, commercials, Japanese TV, sploshing, anti-drug  warnings and so much more.

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Extreme Nail Art – Showgirls Style

“Nomi, you think you can do my nails for me now? On second thought, I’m a little too old for that whorey look.” – Cristal Connors, Showgirls. I’m not sure what the impulse to decorate […]

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Can’t Blame Her for Not Trying

After 950 attempts, Cha Sa-soon from South Korea passed the written exam of her driving test, just barely at 60/100. Cha spent more than 5 million won ($4200 U.S. dollars) since taking the test in […]

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FOF #585 – My Name is Tay Zonday

Tay Zonday: Sheltered on a Monday Wrote on Tuesday, Recorded on Wednesday, Posted on Thursday, Famous on Friday, Got even more famous on Saturday, Interviewed on Sunday. This is the show with Tay Zonday Yes […]

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