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FOF #1847 – The Strange History of Advertising Booze

When it comes to advertising alcohol, companies used to highlight the product’s qualities, but then they ditched that, in favor of focusing on people the consumer could identify with. Now it’s just horses farting in a chicks’ faces. What happened?

Today, comedian Sean Flannery joins us to talk about the strange history of advertising booze- How companies went from bragging their beer was the cheapest, to using hunks and athletes to sell their brand.

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FOF #1844 – How to Come Out After a Lifetime of Being Closeted

Most people these days come out relatively young. But for some other folks, it takes them a lot longer, even a whole lifetime.

Today we’re taking a look at what you can do if you’re thinking of coming out after denying your same-sex attraction for so long- advice for married men with children, conservative politicians and religious leaders.

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FOF #1840 – To Russia With Love

As Russia escalates its horrific crackdown on LGBT people, there’s a lot of talk happening about how to best support LGBT Russians, with some calling the Vodka Boycott misguided because it doesn’t take into consideration the wishes of actual Russian gay activists.

Joining us today is Andy Thayer from Chicago’s Gay Liberation Network, who has tirelessly fought  for years to bring attention to the situation happening in Russia and has even been arrested several times for participating in Pride parades in Moscow.

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FOF #1834 – The Russian Vodka War

In response to the Russian government’s horrific crackdown on it’s LGBT people, activists are asking bars across the world to boycott Russian made vodka.

Joining us is blogger Nico Lang who has plenty to say about the impending Russian Vodka War, the whole vodka marketing racket and all the sizzling hot news–

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VIDEO: If Only All the Male Athletes Had to Wear This Outfit… I Would Watch More Sports

Sure it’s an underwear commerciall… but we can ignore that till the end. HOT.

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FOF #1635 – Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan

Hey girl, did you hear? Over the weekend, Mitt Romney announced his BFF, the ultraconservative U.S. Representative Paul Ryan.

Today the very funny James Fritz shares his outrageous joke on Rick Santorum sexual appetite. Will Paul Ryan help Republicans, or is he just Sarah Palin in drag?

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FOF #1634 – If You Were Any Prettier, You’d Be Dead

Did you know that people who have more symmetrical faces get looked over for jobs, taller folks die sooner, people and attractive folks, in general, are less fertile?

Today we take a look at some physical obstacles that you may think are holding you back, could actually be saving your life.

FOF #1633 – Deven Green’s Gold Medal Winning Sexy Stories

Perfect time for a little Olympic erotic fan fiction! Today the hilarious Deven Green, who has quite a filthy potty mouth, graces us with an original slash fiction story of ice skating champion Johnny Weir in a crazy tea room extravaganza.

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FOF #1628 – The Olympic Olympics

Before we started the Feast of Fun podcast, we use to put on a drag queen variety shows called Feast of Fools.

Today, we’re dusting off one of our favorite chestnuts from that era – the Olympic Olympics- a skit in which a foolhardy drag queen wants to go under the knife in order to qualify in the sport of women’s solo synchronized swimming.

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Olympic shower cam gone wild

Okay so they weren’t really naked, but it sure looks like that!

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