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FOF #1387 – Bring in ‘da Sexy, Bring in ‘da Funk

Want to look hot? If you’re trying to capture the attention of someone who fancies masculinity, try not smiling so much to turn him or her on. A new study shows that heterosexual men like smiling women, but hetero women like men who don’t smile. So what do LGBT folks like?

Join us as we take a look at sexyness and emotion. What gestures do we do to turn other people on?

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VIDEO: Madonna’s Oprah Tribute

Check out Madonna suprise Oprah as she makes a surprise appearance in one of Oprah’s final episodes. Look! She got Oprah to cry. So does this mean that Madonna’s bankrupt charity Raising Malawi will finally […]

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga on Oprah

Lady Gaga on Oprah gets very bluesy.

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Welcome to Chicago Rosie!

Rosie O’Donell is set to produce her new talk show for the OWN Network in Oprah’s Harpo Studios in the West Loop right here in CHicago. Let’s give her a great big gay welcome! I […]

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PHOTO: Oprah Photobombs James Franco

Does it seem like everyone’s tired at this years Oscars? Here’s a backstage tweet photo by James Franco with Billy Crystal and Anne Hathaway, and of course Oprah had to photobomb them. Honestly we were […]

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Zach Anner is the New Oprah!

We’re all huge fans of video blogging breakout star Zach Anner, the “sit down” comedian from Austin, Texas who was born with cerebal palsy. Zach calls it “the sexiest of all the palsies.” Last summer […]

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FOF #1332 – Bill Cruz’s Secret Sex Life

Comedian Bill Cruz is in hot water for his top ten list of Chicago male comedians he’d like to get jiggy with. Most straight guys got mad not because they were on the list, but because they didn’t make the cut.

Listen as we talk about who’se hot in Chicago’s comedy scene, rotten celebrities, and Lady Gaga confirms her latex costumes were inspired by condoms to promote safe sex.

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VIDEO: Oprah Interviews Brazilian Trans Model Leah T

Part One Part Two Oprah interviews supermodel Leah T and Oprah has the balls to ask Leah where she hides her penis!

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Oprah: “He Seems Gayer to Me”

It’s usually intimidating when your boss calls you into their office and asks you for your honest opinion, because if you both disagree strongly it might cost you your job. So you can imagine what […]

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FOF #1317 – Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves

Big TV day! Oprah Winfrey surprised everyone yesterday when she introduced a sweet looking woman as her half-sister, in what she called her “Beloved Moment.”

It was also the first episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race and this season’s contestants are funnier, sexier and wilder than ever before. Who do you think will win?

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