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FOF #2431 – Scott Heierman is a Pretty Bearded Lady

Not all drag queens are clowns in ball gowns, some are just goofy. Our guest today got her start as a theme park mascot while working at Disneyland as Goofy then went on to become the queen of the judges’ hearts on America’s Got Talent.

Today, Scott Heierman, a very pretty bearded lady, who Howard Stern described as a hot she-wolf, joins us to talk about her roller coaster ride through America’s Got Talent and how she plans to make her big comeback.

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FOF #1254 – Guys Gone Oscar Wilde

We’re joined by graphic novelist Jon Macy- he’s got a powerful new graphic novel “Teleny and Camille” an erotic love story between a celebrated musical genius and an aristocratic young man.

Join us as we take a look at the roots of modern gay culture in Victorian England, one guy one jar, and the complicated man that was Oscar Wilde.

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