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FOF #2533 – The Cost of Being Fabulous

Dolly Parton says “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap!” Girl, don’t we know it.
Showgirls, pageant gals and drag queens everywhere find the cost of being fabulous is like the rent- too damn high!

Today Violet S’Arbleu details every penny she spends on drag and says that getting up in geish can cost up to $1000!

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Natasha Douglas Wins Miss Continental Plus 2016

Congratulations to the large and in charge Natasha Douglas for snatching the crown at the Miss Continental Plus Pageant 2016. We absolutely adore Natasha’s charm and style. The highly coveted title of Miss Continental Plus 2016 couldn’t have gone to a nicer queen. May you reign supreme girl!

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FOF #2307 – Naysha Lopez Won Our Hearts

One of the hardest gigs on reality television is to be the first queen sent home on RuPaul’s Drag Race because you never get to show the world everything you have to offer.

Today Naysha Lopez, the first gal to go home from Season 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Race joins us to talk about winning the prestigious Miss Continental 2013, and how it compares with being on Drag Race.

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FOF #1410 – Behind Every Diva There’s a Fabulous Queen

One of the more remarkable moments in Mo’Nique’s comedy act these days is the part where she not even onstage. Female Impersonator Ivy White is opening for Mo’Nique by lip syncing ten minutes of the Diva’s tried and true material with flawless precision leaving audiences to wonder – is that the real Mo’Nique?

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Oh No She Didn’t! Brazilian Drag Queen Gets Her Wig Snatched Off on Camera

Here’s some news footage of Miss Gay Brazil 2009 being interviewed after the pageant. Right in the middle of the interview some angry contestant ran right up to her and snatched her wig and crown […]

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