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FOF #2925 – Pam Ann’s Full Blown PAM-demic

Comedian Pam Ann’s demented flight attendant persona harkens back to the groovy days of the airline industry when flight attendants wore sexy outfits and served up lavish meals to well dressed passengers.

Since the pandemic, things have been tough for an entertainer like Pam Ann who gets a lot of energy from interacting with the live audiences who serve as her passengers on her wild plane ride.

Today Pam Ann, our sister of the friendly skies, joins us to take a look at how flying has changed during the pandemic, and the delicious irony of Republican seditionists on the No Fly Lists.

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FOFA #1065 – Come Fly with Pam Ann

Today we’re talking to Pam Ann, the funniest and most glamorous airline hostess in the world! Pam’s outrageous commentary on flying has endeared her to airline pilots, flight attendants and service crew throughout the world, which means, the gays love her, and you will too.

Listen as Pam Ann tells what’s in her fantasy push cart, how the TV series Lost will really end and how to smuggle contraband on an airplane.

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FOF #1065 – Come Fly with Pam Ann

Interview with comedian Pam Ann known as the most glamorous airline hostess in the world. Pam’s flying across the country on a “USA Layover” her one woman show.

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