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Halloween Pandas on Parade

I simply love the Chicago Halloween parade. It’s a great place to meet everyday people expressing their desires of who they would like to be by dressing up in crazy costumes. From the looks of […]

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Dream Pandas

The last installment of our Panda lip sync videos. We hope to see you at the parade today. Please say hi as I’m sure we’ll be easy to recognize! Please vote for Feast of Fools […]

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Listen up y’all, cause this is it. The video I’m posting is delicious. Day four of Panda Week 2008 continues with my own take on Fergie’s hit song “Fergalicious.” Why? Because every song is improved […]

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Panda is Not My Name

Because two panda videos aren’t enough, here are three to make it even more special. Michael Lehet does his fiercest take on The Ting Ting’s “That’s Not My Name.” Pretty much every lip syncing video […]

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