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How to Handle a Baby Panda

Saw this and couldn’t help but think of the FoF- Conservationists dress up like adult Pandas to help out the baby pandas.

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga Inspired by Pandas

Lady Gaga does a panda look for Japanese TV. Here she explains her outfits and receives a gift from a designer of Hello Kitty.

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FOF #1384 – Saturday Night Rapture

The Rapture is a perfect slacker holiday- it means not having to wash the dishes, file your taxes or show up to vote, since you know, the world is going to end. Why bother doing anything at all?

Today our friend and blogger Michael Lehet joins us, to take a look at the Rapture and all the hot, fiery brimestone news.

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PHOTO: Oh No! Pandas Stand in for Blue Fin Tuna

Bluefin tuna is so endangered that these lovely Pandas sacrificed themselves to give the tuna a break. Mmmm….Kentucky Fried Panda: It’s finger Ling Ling good! via

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Pick Up Line Panda Meme

The “Pick Up Line Panda” meme is catching on!

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VIDEO: Pandas Do “Last Christmas”

The band Feeder dons panda hats and frolics in the fake snow while singing, or is it lip dubbing “Last Christmas?”

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VIDEO: Do the Panda Dance for Halloween

Back in 2008 all of us here at Feast of Fun decided to dress up as Pandas for Halloween. It was such a hit with the crowds we’re doing it all over again this year. […]

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MARC’S LIST: Pandas, Peanuts, Prosthetics and Fire Tornado

Here’s a list of the website stories I’ve read today including- panda baby, peanuts, prosthetic johnson, fire tornado and Lady Gaga.

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