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FOF #2585 – The Big Ditties Go Extreme

In most families it’s the parents that yell at the kids to turn down the music, but in these three gals households, it’s the moms who rock.

Today, rockers Kelli Owens Hutton and Temple Schultz who form part of the rock trio The Big Ditties join us to talk about the weird place they find themselves in now that their parody video has been shut down by Extreme’s record label.

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VIDEO: Ann Romney Has Officially Lost It!

Ann Romney responds to campaign critism.

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VIDEO: Chico’s Angels “Run From Immigration”

Chico’s Angels are on the run from immigration.

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VIDEO: The Fresh Prince of Downton Abbey

If you missed the first tow seasons of Downton Abbey, College Humor catches you up with this fresh ditty.

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VIDEO: Shit Cher Says

In case you had not enough from all those shit peeople say videos, here is one of Cher.

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VIDEO: Adele Parody Bashes Newt Gigrich

It’s amazing how much this sounds like the real Adele in this parody of “Someone Like You” that takes on Newt Gingrich’s political career. Best line – “not an ethical shred in hi oversized head.”

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VIDEO: The Berlin Hipster – a Parody

The video is in German, please switch on the subtitles. When you travel to Berlin you will quickly notice that the city is full of hipsters. All of them try so hard to be unique […]

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VIDEO: Deven Green Parody “Welcome To My Dance Hall Days”

Soap opera star Diedre Hall gets the patented Deven Green makeover.

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VIDEO: Second City Mocks Rick Perry’s “Strong” Ad

That was fast- Second City made a parody of Rick Perry’s Anti-gay, Christmas war ad. Like the jacket in these ads? It worn by Heath Ledger in “Brokeback Mountain.” Oh, the irony. Thanks Heather and […]

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VIDEO: Tosh 2.0 Does an “It Gets Better” Parody

It does get better, unless you’re a straight man.

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