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FOF #2287B – The Not So Secret Sex Life of Drag Queens

In Part two of the secret sex lives of drag queens we continue our conversation with Joan Waters about how drag queens use their feminine wiles to seduce men.

Plus, what Joan said to patrons at the sports bar she works at about the Superbowl and a group of Chicago Witches put a hex on Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

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FOF #2286B – Fat Shaming

In part two “Fat Shaming“ we continue our discussion with Zach Stafford about ridiculing people to get in shape, v how to how he overcame his personal eating disorder and what you can do to support someone else’s journey.

Plus , how transphobic was the X Files episode with Shangela? A nd a special case for Shitlock Holmes- who crapped on the Tesla?

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FOF #2284B – Deven Green Just Called to Say I Love You

In part two of “Deven Green Just Called to Say I Love You” we continue our conversation with Deven Green about the key to making a great relationship and why it’s never a good idea to move to LA to chase stars.

Plus– The world’s oldest erect dong.
and which drag queen truly is a very nice person.

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FOF #2282B – Where No Barbie Has Gone Before

In part two of “Where No Barbie Has Gone Before” we continue our conversation with Jeffrey Jay about Mattel’s new diverse Barbie dolls and the challenges trans men have getting top surgery, where some decide to not keep their nipples.

Plus, why Tony the Tiger is having a hard time embracing his fandom with furries and ATTENTION: Kayne West would like everyone to know that he does not enjoy having his butt played with.

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FOF #2281B – Worst Houseguests Ever

In part two of “Worst Houseguests Ever” with Cody Melcher we continue our discussion on terrible houseguests who can’t seem to find the toilet.

Plus, will Madonna allow her weave to get snatched in the new version of Valley of the Dolls?

And Kiki, the new Paris is Burning is taking Sundance by storm.

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FOF #2274B – Is Your VaReady to Party

In part two of our podcast – “Is Your Vajayjay Ready To Party?” we continue talking about ways to make your genitals look and feel great.”

Listen as we continue talking about the science behind man-spreading, why some guys spread their legs wide on buses and movie seats.

And the tragic lives of people who go on the Judge Judy show.

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