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FOF #1377 – Schock and Awe

Republican Aaron Schock has said many times he does not want to be objectified for his killer body, but today the congressman from Illinois almost took it all off for the cover of Men’s Health Magazine to encourage all Americans to take the time to eat, sleep and exercise.

Why did he do this? Is Schock secretly enjoying slapping our faces with his muscle, or does he just want to be loved?

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Paula Abdul is the Liza Minnelli of Our Generation.

Paula Abdul was an hour late for her interview with EXTRA at The Grove, she cancelled the audience Q&A, refused to take fan photos and literally ran out of the parking lot when she was […]

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FOF #696 – Let Me Hear You Say YEAH!

Back in the 2004 during the Superbowl’s halftime show, pop musician Janet Jackson’s awkward publicity stunt or “wardrobe malfunction” fueled a U.S. government crack down on broadcasting media, enticing talk shows and audiences to seek […]

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