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VIDEO: Sherry Vine Does Peacock Parody in 3-D (NSFW)

Sherry Vine made a parody of Katy Perry’s Peacock in 3D. Did you keep your pair of 3-D glasses from seeing Avatar? I don’t know if they’ll work here or not. I have a pair […]

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Video: The ”California Gays” Show Us Their Peacock

The Katy Perry lovin twinks behind the internet sensation “California Gays” are back with their take on what Katy Perry hopes will be a big gay anthem.  Strange that they don’t even really show any […]

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VIDEO: Katy Perry Wants “Peacock” to Be a Gay Anthem

Katy Perry wants her new song “Peacock” to be a gay anthem. What do you think, does it have what it takes?

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