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Cojo Defends Pretty Penis at Barney’s in NY

A window at Barney’s in NY, dedicated to Iman, shows a photo of the super model with a naked male model. Stylist Steven “Cojo” Cojocaru describes the penis in saying “It’s a beautiful penis.” But […]

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Penis Sculpture Gives Small Town Blue Balls

Local residents of Truckee, CA, got a bit more than they bargained for when they allowed an MTV film crew to erect an eight-foot tall ice sculpture in the shape of a penis. Town officials […]

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FOF #1155 – Gagalicious Live Show from Steamworks

Get ready to release the pressure! Today we put our homemade gyroscopic metal outfits to the test for a live show at the sexiest place on earth: Steamworks gym sauna and baths. Listen to the hilarious Keith Ecker, Teri Yaki, and Cameron Esposito with special musical guest Stephen Leonard.

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FOF #1138 – A Pack of Hungry Chihuahuas

A pack of 22 starving Chihuahuas made a meal of their master after he passed away and left them alone. Join us today as we talk about the hot news that matter to you: crooked cocks, crooked cops, woman go free who glued their ex-lover’s penis to his leg, reasons why you might want to quit drinking coffee, Christian rainbow colored pancakes, breakfast with the Family and Golden Girl news.

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Only the Shadow Knows

My sister sent me this pic that was labeled “architectural error.” Do you think it was an error or do you think the designer knew what he/she was doing?

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Shock and Awe Baby

Doctors are using shockwave therapy to correct erectile dysfunction. Low-intensity shockwaves trigger growth of new blood vessels from existing ones which could help men whose erectile dysfunction stems from reduced blood flow to their penis.

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The Oak Park Phallus

Mike Doyle stumbled upon a new logo being bandied around for the Chicago suburb of Oak Park. Does it entice you to visit?

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Danish Political Group Owns Up to Funny Stickers

A Danish political group owns up to covering up other political organizations stickers with their won which look like …..well, you know!

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FOF #1017 – Sabrina Matthews’ Underwater Adventure

Comedian Sabrina Matthews shares her story of being attacked by a barracuda off the coast of Myanmar, her unusual treatment at a foreign hospital, and how the US government almost left her to languish in Thai prison.

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FOFA #658 – Alexyss Power

Alexyss K. Tylor is a woman on a mission. Having been kicked out of her home as a teenager by her mom for being in a lesbian relationship, she’s made it her calling to help […]

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