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FOF #1970 – We L.U.V. Madonna for Being Ridiculous

Probably no other pop star has been more parodied than Madonna, and nobody pulls off a more flawless job than Nadya Ginsburg, the woman of a 1000 voices.

Today, Nadya joins us to take a look at Madonna’s hilariously ridiculous skincare product line, her surprise aerobics class in Toronto and her new upcoming Madonnalouge webseries.

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FOF #1667 – Cheating On Yourself

When it comes to chasing our dreams, we’re often own worst enemy. Inside us there’s a little Nellie Oleson who laughs at our awkward attempts to be awesome.

Today we take a look at the ways we cheat ourselves out of being awesome. Joining us is very funny Keith Ecker who knows a thing or two about what it takes to beat some bad habits.

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IMAGE: El Puerco – The Pig

For all you loteria fans, there is a new card out there: Lotería is a Mexican game similar to Bingo, but instead of ping pong balls they use images on a deck of cards. Hipsters […]

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FOF #1486 – Hot Gravy Injection

With Thanksgiving day lurking just around the corner, people are busy getting ready for a hot gravy injection of food, family and friends. But warning! Your turkey dinner could be deadly.

Today we’re warning you about the dangers of Thanksgiving, from frying your turkey in hot oil, to poisoning your guests, to navigating the tricky emotional waters of a family get together.

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IMAGE: Pepper Spray Cop Meme

Some of your favorite Pepper Spray cop Moments!

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