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Perez Hilton to Write Children’s Book

Perez Hilton is writing a children’s book titled The Boy With Pink Hair, to celebrate individuality and self-acceptance.

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VIDEO: Drunk Ass Darren Criss Performs ”Teenage Dream”

Darren Criss serenaded Perez Hilton, at his birthday party this past weekend, with a drunken cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” In his defense, the camera man was also clearly intoxicated.

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VIDEO: Rihanna’s “S&M”

I don’t care if you love Perez Hilton or hate him, you’ll like seeing Rihanna walk him on a leash.

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FOF #1273 – It Gets Better, Broadway Style

The response to the “It Gets Better” campaign is overwhelming! Even musicians are giving their support in song and the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus and the stars of Broadway have both created songs to inspire LGBT youth.

Today comedian Kristen Studard joins us to discuss the musical versions of “It Gets Better” and the celebrity breakdowns that are happening because of this incredible awareness campaign.

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VIDEO: Hitler’s Response To Perez’s Video

Nadya Ginsburg mocks Perez Hilton’s “I’m Going to Do Things Differently” video by getting all Hitler on his ass.

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VIDEO: Perez Hilton Says He’s Going to Change

Perez has an emotional meltdown and says he’s going to change and will no longer be a bully. You must watch Nadya Ginsburg’s response video to this.

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FOF #1268 – National Coming Out Day

Come out, come out, wherever you are! Today is National Coming Out Day, where everyone is encouraged to, as Macy Gray likes to put it, “express what is taboo in you, and share yo’ freak with the rest of us, ’cause it’s a beautiful thang.”

Join us for National Coming Out Day and all the hot news!

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FOF #1215 – Viva La Coacha

In the past year La Coacha has exploded in popularity with her hilarious music parody videos and red carpet interviews. She wields her Spanglish sense of humor like the tip of Zorro’s gay blade.

Listen as we talk with the lovable La Coacha about her wild adventures in Hollywood, her thoughts on Lady Gaga, being banned by Oprah and if she will star in the Real Latina Housewives.

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FOF #1196 – Land of the Lost

That’s all folks! Last night, ABC aired the final episode of LOST, the popular series about the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island inhabited by polar bears, smoke monsters and hot guys who couldn’t seem to die.

Today we’re joined by Marcus Leshock and Anna Roberts of the “Last Minute Lost Podcast” – a podcast entirely dedicated to the hit TV show to try to make sense of the final episode and discuss the sex appeal of the actors and the religious themes buried deep in the plot.

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