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FOF #1669 – When Things Go Horribly Wrong

A big part of being an entertainer is that sooner or later, something horribly wrong will happen onstage in front of an audience. People will be pissed at you for messing up.

The hilarious Meredith Kachel joins us to take a look at some moments in our performance careers where things went horribly wrong, and what we learned in the process.

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Europe’s Penis Size Map

Now I know where to take a vacation! This beautiful map of penis sizes was created by the AlphaDesigner blog, who writes that the world hasn’t always been so obsessed with cock sizes and that […]

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It’s Official – Lady Gaga Is a Performance Artist

You can’t really call yourself a “performance artist” until you work with meat as art. Well, Lady Gaga has done the deed and she’s now in the company of great artists like Carolee Schneemann who […]

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