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FOF #2413 – Trans American Horror Story

As entertainers, we’ve had some odd jobs over the years to pay the bills but our friend Jeffrey Jay takes the cake as a gymnastics instructor to celebrity babies. Hollywood A listers send their kids to gymnastics to learn how to walk the red carpet in style.

Today, the he-larious Jeffrey Jay joins us to talk about which celebrity babies are awesome and which are spoiled brats. Also, Jeffrey is in the new British documentary “My Trans American Road Trip” which takes on the anti-trans bathroom bills.

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FOF #1256 – Pete Burns It Up

Like many pop stars of the 1980s, Pete Burns cultivated an androgynous look to capture the imagination of the public. Since then, he has been in the news for not just his music but for his extreme plastic surgery and emotional outbursts on reality television.

Today we’re talking to Pete Burns over the phone from who knows where? Maybe a piercing parlor where he just got a lot of work done.

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