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FOF #2436 – The Most Outrageous Movie Fan Theories Ever

Like all great art, popular films create their own world filled with such detail and nuance that it gets fans to come up with some amazing theories as to what’s really going on.

Today, we take a look at some of the most outrageous fan theories of popular films that give an amazing twist to your favorite movie of all time.

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FOF #2116 – Stick it or Lick it

When it comes to her sex life, comedian Ali Clayton draws with all the crayons in the box.

Today the hilarious Ali Clayton joins us for an intense podcast as she shares with us her teenage substance abuse stories, bombing at the Apollo Theater and putting all her exes on blast.

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FOF #2088 – All I Want for Christmas is Auto-Tune

Mariah Carey is having a hard time Carey-ing a tune lately. The pop diva skipped the rehearsal for NBC’s “Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Special” and it showed.

Today we weigh in on Mariah Carey’s off key Christmas carol – are folks being too hard on her, or do we need to be emancipated from Mimi’s stranglehold over this Christmas classic?

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Peter Pan Fail

Wonderful Peter Pan fail! The best fail is the second one, so wait for it! Via

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