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FOF #1237 – Vampire Weekend

Respect to all the drag queens! On today’s show we fill you in on all the delicious hi-jinks of our trannylicious vampire weekend at the Chicago premier of “All About Evil.”

Plus, Politics and Activism blogger Phil Reese joins us to make sense of the stay on Prop 8, Mark Kirk’s ex-wife joins his campaign, Blago found guilty on only one charge and the Target Boycott.

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FOF #1200 – Work That Look

Many celebrities are busy echoing the style of other famous people in order to be a celebrity other than themselves. Look at Lance Bass as Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga as Madonna and Kathy Griffin as Bettie Paige.

Meanwhile, here in Illinois, Republican State Representative Mark Kirk may be impersonating a straight man. Political blogger Phil Reese talks about the man chasing after Sen. Obamas former seat as a hypocrite who votes against gay rights while secretly being gay.

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FOF #1169 – A Wicked Little Town

Constance McMillen lives in a wicked little town- in a plot stolen right out of a John Hughes film, Candace was duped out of going to the prom and Molly Ringwald wasn’t there to save the day.

On today’s show blogger and activist Phil Reese joins us to take a look at the bigot’s prom and all the hot news stories: Schools duped by anti-gay propaganda, amazing young man who sings like Whitney, and a social network to rag on your coworkers and another to celebrate the most fabulis gay men.

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