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70 Billion Pixels: World’s Highest Resolution Photograph

And you thought your 5.0 megapixel iPhone camera takes great pictures.  Check this out, and zoooooooooom in! 70 Billion Pixels – Budapest

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Chinese Families Display Their Possessions

Recently a photographer went to China and asked people to empty their house of possessions and display them. As an American it’s astonishing to see these photos, honestly I would be embarrassed to do this […]

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FOF #1002 – Mike Ruiz Captures the Perfect Picture

Interview with celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz on his famous clients, Kathy Griffin, LL Cool J and Lindsay Lohan.

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FOF #988 – A Mysterious Roll of Pink Material

High heel shoes, a Louis Vuitton bag held by an arm coming from a man’s nose, a mysterious roll of pink material, a Don Rickles cut out, and a drag queen dressed up as a […]

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FOF #970 – Crime and Punishment

Last time nightlife photographer George St. George was on the show it was all about murder, madness and mayhem. Today we’re taking it easy and breezy, for the most part! George was recently arrested for […]

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George Saint George – Photo Horror Stories

Chicago nightlife photographer George St. George shares his thoughts on the highs and lows of his job, Michael Alig and Screaming Rachel. For a high-quality version of the video, subscribe with : RSS | iTunes […]

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FOF #948 – George St. George Slays It

“Take My Picture Now! Do I look ugly? I demand you destroy all the copies of those photos.” These are the expressions that a lot of photographers endure when taking pictures out at nightclubs or […]

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Jerome Caja: The Queen of Skag Drag

I can appreciate all types of drag, even the girls who go for the beaded gowns and Dynasty-era styling. This type tends to be a little too serious, but I will bow down to their […]

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